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Long before Instagram Influencers and Fashion Blogging was a thing I was buying clothes, wearing them twice, and selling them to move onto the next item on my wish list. I’ve always been excited and passionate about a great affordable find or an inexpensive dupe to a luxury item. For a while it seemed as though I had no real hobbies but in reality my hobby just hadn’t been created yet! Along with my anxiety disorder – which you can read more about here – my introverted nature has always made it hard to make friends and show who I really feel that I am on the inside. After a particularly rough couple of months my husband pushed me to start a blog, become more active on Instagram and to really use this passion as a creative outlet. Now having this blog and being able to inspire and help people has been life changing. 

“Wandering creativity and blooming self-love”

Everyone has a passion and I have developed a passion for gathering what I find beautiful in this world and curating it in a way that’s meant to inspire. My writing and photography can be influenced by anything from new fashion musts to my constantly improving lifestyle skills! I am a retail professional by day and a blogger by night. I am an advocate for mental health awareness, and a spokesperson for the importance of self-love and acceptance.

I have severely struggled with a mental illness (anxiety and OCD) for over 10 years and allowed it to hold me back from living my best life. I have fought through ups and downs repeatedly to get to where I am today.

Fortunately, I have surrounded myself with an incredibly supportive and positive community of people that have empowered me to not only use my struggles as a loud voice for those who can’t, but to use those struggles as motivation to follow my passions and push myself to live life to the fullest. I am very proud of how far I have come, thankful for the opportunities that allow me to be an active part of this great community, and determined to continue to use my voice to make a difference.

The most important piece of advice I could give to a younger me is to always be kind-hearted and non-judgmental. Also, to never be afraid to be completely and truthfully you, and that YOU and your time and mental heath are valuable – too valuable to waste on anyone or anything that doesn’t allow you to grow as a person, and make you truly and blissfully happy.


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