If you’re like me, my genius has always wandered and my creativity constantly restless in search of an outlet. My journey began with a thought.. “How do I combine my obsession of Starbucks, coffee mugs and fashion with my love for 2000’s R&B and Anastasia Beverly Hills?” This is how Hello Styles was born… 

Why Hello Styles you ask?

Everyone has a passion and I have developed a passion for gathering what I find beautiful in this world and curating it in a way that’s meant to inspire. My writing or photography can be influenced by anything from new fashion musts to my constantly improving lifestyle skills! I especially have a deep affection for my home! When it comes to home decor or beautiful personally handmade items Hello Styles is exactly where you want to be. 

Who is Stephanie anyways? 

If I’m not organizing my closet or convincing my Husband to be his best pageant mom he can be and take my picture, I could be coffee shop hopping or taking the many lifestyle photos presented on my Instagram. If I’m not working myself to death, I can regularly be found in my garage listening to anything my inner country girl would appreciate or bringing out my boss-side with Queen Bee Beyoncé. I’m all over the place but that’s fine because standing still is boring! 

That being said.. I am Stephanie! A Coffee Enthusiast, Fashionista, Mental Illness Fighter and Advocate, Entrepreneur, Wife, Sphinx Mom, Blogger, Self-love Promoter… Why be limited to just one thing?






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