My Sunless Tanning Routine

My Tanning Routine

I’ve gotten asked this question so much lately! I hope that means it looks good and not like I’m an oompa-loompa extra. lol! I have super, super pale skin naturally so tanning is a huge part of my regular routine. Although I tan pretty easily in the sun, I want to keep my skin looking and feeling as healthy as I can for as long as possible. I’ve tried quite a few different tanning products some being really good and some being not so good… I’ve definitely had my share of jail jumpsuit looking moments. While a regular spray tan is the least time consuming on your end, it’s extremely expensive to keep up with and I for one am not about that life! Sunless tanning is a lifestyle, and the maintenance that it requires to not look like a blotchy mess takes real dedication and a little game of what I like to call ” how long can you go without showering/only washing the necessities”… just keeping it 100% real.

I am not a tanning expert and if a regular spray tan is in your budget then i say why not? But, if you’re looking for an at home sunless tanner, this is what works for me.

Step 1: Exfoliate

This first step is probably the most important step. If your going for a “natural tan/glow” look and not a blotchy mess that has you looking like a reptile up close, simply hopping in the shower then applying your tanner is simply not going to cut it. You’re going to want to turn on the entertainment of your choice, now is the perfect time to binge watch “You” if you haven’t already or turn this into a self care/spa day, because you’re going to be a while. Exfoliating your entire body to take off all of your dead skin is absolutely key to a flawless finish post tan. Soap & Glory Scrub ‘Em And Leave ‘Em Body Scrub is my current favorite. Now scrub, scrub, scruuuuub! You want to make sure you remove all of your dead skin! Gross and Gratifying. Shower it off and shave. I should mention that during this shower is when I wash my hair and do all the regular shower things, including making sure any of my previous tan is completely removed, I want the post tanning shower to be quick and just a rinse, I’ll get into more of the shower schedule later.

Step 2: Moisturize

This is huge. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT apply lotion all over your body. Moisturizer is used as a barrier and should only be applied to knees, ankles, elbows, toes, wrists or in between fingers… – so the colour doesn’t build up, become to dark and ruin the illusion of a natural tan. Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer is my absolute favorite.

Step 3: Tanning Time

There are so many sunless tanning products to choose from. I know that a big one is St. Tropez but my personal favorite is the Loving Tan 2 HR Express Self Tanning Mousse A mitt is not an option, unless you’re okay with Doritos hands. I do prefer to use the St. Tropez tanning mitt. Once you’re mentally prepared, begin applying the mousse! Take your mitt and apply a few pumps of mousse, I start by applying on my upper thigh and working my way down. THIS IS IMPORTANT: make sure you have enough mousse on your mitt to spread evenly on your skin. Streaks will happen, it’s almost impossible not to however, if you apply enough mousse and take extra care in blending the colour, you’ll have no problems! Next apply to your upper body, leaving your hands out for now, blending all through the arms, and mid section. This is about the time I yell up the stairs for my husband to come down and do my back. He’s a keeper. As a last step apply the tanner to your hands only using whats been left on the mitt.

Step 4: Get Comfortable

That entertainment I was talking about earlier? Yeah, just keep doing that and stay naked for as long as possible, and don’t. touch. anything. Including your husband. A few weeks ago I posted a story on IG of the patches I left on him and myself after a quick cuddle session. Don’t do that. Going forward you have a few options. Spend the rest of the night as naked as possible or wearing something incredibly baggy while sitting/laying as comfortably as you can in your best spread eagle pose so not to crease your tan. Wash off the next morning and moisturize WELL. This will prolong the life of your tan. Second option, follow all of the steps but instead of showering normally the next morning, I will just do a quick shower rinse using only water. Since you’ve had your regular shower the night before, you can skip washing your hair – and avoid streaks in your tan. The rinse will allow any excess tanner that may transfer onto your clothes to come off and you will be able to leave your tanner on for the full 24 hours to maximize your results. PAT yourself dry, and apply the lotion of your preference, just make sure you check the chemicals and that theirs nothing in it that will strip your tan. That’s why I love the Hempz lotion. Tip: The developed Tan will be a few shades lighter than the bronzed colour

Step: How long can you go without showering

This is when we play my favorite game of how long can you go without showering? Since I already wash my hair once a week – I recently started using the Batiste Dry Shampoo and it does not even compare to anything else I’ve used, its so good! – I wash the essentials ( you can imagine ) and leave everything else for as long as possible. Since I haven’t been to gym in I don’t know how long and do not have a physical job, this works for me.

There you have it! I do this routine once a week usually on a Sunday, live my best life for a week and then start all over

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