Farmhouse DIY


Our house is finally coming together almost a year after our house fire. May the 4th be with you takes on a whole new meaning now… (our house fire was last may 4th in case you didn’t catch the subtle sarcasm) It’s been a long road and we’re so grateful for our friends and family that have all helped us along the way.

Since I’ve become determined to take on this whole new glass half full, one door closes so another one can open, bad things happen so that we can appreciate the good things, when life gives you lemons make lemonade – positive attitude, LETS MAKE SOME LEMONADE! One positive thing about this whole “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water let the mutha….. ” except let’s be honest, as catchy as the song is we totally needed the water – experience, is that our house was a starter home and not exactly the cutest. After all the construction and starting from scratch picking flooring and colors and you name it, we’ve finally reached the fun part of this whole show and that is DECORATING!!

Farmhouse decor has my entire heart and while there’s a few local businesses that I normally purchase my pieces from my favorite linked here I decided to take on one of the simpler projects myself and it turned out better than I imagined it would!

The mug life … see what i did there

It started with a piece of 1×4 spruce cut into 4 equal pieces and glued together. I made one, and went so heavy on the glue not even sand paper and God could help me so I had to do another and go easy, it turned out much better.


I let the glue dry overnight and the next day after it dried I sanded it down in the most Canadian outfit ever and prepped it for stain!


The stain color I chose was ‘Dark Walnut’ and after a few cotes i love how it turned out! The Glue, stain, wood, hooks and everything used were all from home depot!


and the finished product!! A super cute rustic mug holder that can be decorated with seasonal mugs or just some of your favorites!




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