CLOVER LANE CRATES Luxury. Natural. Canadian.

“Multiply Happiness by Sharing it with Others”

“Tasteful gifts with functionality, natural ingredients and made in our very own neighbourhoods across Canada.  From my hometown of Thunder Bay, ON to yours. This is going to be great!”


Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to share with you something I have been obsessing over! Thunder Bay’s locally owned and operated  CLOVER LANE CRATES!

Clover Lane Crates are luxury limited edition gifts made up of unique and natural products by Canadian artisans that are carefully and thoughtfully hand picked to create stunningly beautiful crates to gift for any occasion. I had the honor of attending the launch party for this amazing business and was immediately blown away with not only the appearance of each individual crate but how they were full of beautiful, functional and memorable products that had a purpose, but were also luxurious, unique and special! The collections, full of Canadian products and natural values are carefully put together to create thoughtful usable gifts that appeal to everyone! Currently featured are For Her, For Him, For Both, For Baby and For Home/Office so all of your gifting needs are met! Beth, the creator of Clover lane Crates has a passion for gifting and it shines so clearly through these beautiful designs.


Only a few of the crates For Her

A few of the crates For Him

Currently these beauties are limited addition and to keep things new and fresh they will be featuring new crates periodically with even more beautiful things!

A few of the Artisans currently featured in Clover Land Crates:

Heartbeat Hot Sauce  and it is delicious and can be found in many local shops in Thunder Bay including El Tres, and Maltese

Lovely Body Products

“Local handmade soap & body products, made with the highest quality natural & organic ingredients. These products are aimed to make you feel happy, healthy & lovely! Because Every Body is Lovely.”

“HAIL Cosmetics is an independent cosmetic company based in Thunder Bay, ON. We create hand-crafted, cruelty-free products made with mindful ingredients, love, and a lot of attention to detail. We make all of our products in small batches which allows for careful and extensive quality control. This allows us to ensure that every product you receive is in line with our highest standards.”

Forever Tied

“Handmade accessories for your little ones.”

BKIND Products

“BKIND is a Montreal based company that offers natural plant-based skincare. Shop our hand balms, face care, nontoxic nail polish and eco-friendly accessories.”

PLAJ Towels Co. Luxury Turkish Towels

“hand-loomed in Turkey using traditional methods by local village artisans, made with the finest natural fibers and premium Turkish cotton”

A little advice from a future Bride to you, these would make the most beautiful Bridesmaids gifts, and more advice from me to you, you need every single one of these crates in your life. A few of my personal favorites that I own from the crates I’ve purchased would hands down have to be the BKIND nail polish, Hail Cosmetic Lipsticks, Heartbeat Hot Sauce and my fiance’s fig and almond candle!

So really, there is no possible way you can go wrong with these beauts, not only are you purchasing the most thoughtful and carefully curated gifts put together by the most beautiful soul (looking at you, Beth!) but you will also be supporting local businesses and helping you community to flourish in a healthy an positive way. So with the holidays fast approaching and gift giving season upon us, there no time like the present!


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