Catch up time!


Hello Lovelies!

Long time no talk amirite?!

& Happy One Year to Hello Styles Blog!

Well, it’s been almost 6 months since my last blog post which, can I just say –  is totally unacceptable and never to happen again. Before just going straight into a blog post on something I’m loving atm(peep my next blog post because I’ve had a lot of down time to love a lot of things) I thought I first that reintroduce myself, give a little face lift to my blog for a fresh start and let you in on how the last 6 months have been going and theirs definitely been A LOT going…

Rewind to May 4th and enter one of the scariest days of my life. In the early morning hours of May 4th myself and my family were rushed out of our home at approx. 4am by police officers that (thankfully) were driving by a main street near our home and saw flames and smoke coming from our attic. Turns out, while we were fast asleep our home caught fire and was burning rapidly. To give you an idea, I was asleep on the couch while my fiance and our fur baby (now i say fur baby lightly, but he’s a hairless cat – with some fur on his nose.. but if i just say baby then its totally misleading… ) were asleep in our room upstairs just below the blaze. When I woke up to banging on my door to evacuate my home, I immediately fled the living room in the opposite direction and ran to the stairs to find my fiance thankfully unharmed and still asleep just below the fire that had not yet reached our main floor. I have never in my life experienced such fear not knowing if he was okay.  My little family and I stood outside our home (safe and all together) as we watched the fire grow more quickly than you can imagine. We were later told by numerous fire fighters that had the police not driven by within minutes of what they did we would not have been so lucky, our smoke detector was not working therefore we would not have gotten out of the house, and that someone was definitely watching over us that night. We owe our lives to the brave policemen and firefighters that came to the rescue that night and I will forever be grateful.

The days following are mostly a blur. We were taken in by our family with open arms and had love and support for all our family and friends. That night was a little but of a wake up call. An experience like that definitely changes you. Changes your outlook on life, on work, on drama, on friends, on negativity. It definitely allows you to put things into prospective and realize what truly is important in this life, grow as a person and make changes that shouldn’t have taken you this long to make. Leaving the job you hate, cutting ties with people that only bring you down, and start to make positive changes in your life that only allow happiness and fulfillment. I have been very open always with my struggles with Mental Illness. I am an advocate for it so much so that I’m completely in your face about it! BAM! Acceptance and understanding for everyone is the goal! So in regards to that, all of this craziness has definitely not been easy. My anxiety is super extra on a good day and theirs been a lot of not good days, so if your picking up what I’m putting down, the struggle is absolutely real. Previous to our house fire I was already on leave for my mental health and it just went down hill quickly following the fire including an ambulance ride straight from work one fine day due to the most severe anxiety attack I’ve ever had. It’s true when they say an anxiety attack can make you think you’re having a heart attack.. it’s been a little severe to say the least. I experience all types of symptoms from my anxiety including BUT NOT LIMITED TO! never limited.. i could only dream .. I experience severe panic attacks, days of not eating or sleeping, irrational thoughts, constantly thinking every pain or weird feeling in my body means I’m about to drop dead and then the hysterical crying starts … all those not so fun things and more! It has been very difficult to be taken our of our home and my comfortable safe place and live kind of out of suitcases, not really settled and trying to maintain a sense of normal.

So forward to now, the last 6 months have felt a lot like our lives have been put on hold. What was left of our home was gutted and many of our things were lost, we’ve missed important events but we have been slowly putting everything back together. We both started new jobs and have a house and a wedding to organize and plan and build, we recently had engagement photo’s done with the amazing Shannon Lepere, stay tuned for a mini picture post, we’ve been house shopping and designing everything ourselves and it’s just been all kinds of crazy but If this experience has assured me of anything it’s that it’s truly the little things that matter in life and I am definitely spending my life with the right person. As long as we have our little family and loved ones, everything will be alright.

Currently, our house is set to be ready within the next month or so, just in time to get us back home for Christmas and just before our NYE nuptials. I’m excited to get back to life and enjoy things and get married and make many, many blog posts! I have a lot to catch up on! Stay tuned for some bomb blogs!



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2 thoughts on “Catch up time!

  1. I loved this post Steph! I read your blog all the time and I figured I’d finally comment. I remember the morning of the fire because the night before I had a dream about you and your house……seriously…Then I woke up to see your post on Facebook about the fire….it was so weird…..

    I can only imagine what that was like and I think you’re doing really well with everything. I hope your new job is going well!

    I love the blonde hair too 😘😘


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