15 Thing’s You Probably Don’t Know About Me


I personally love reading these types of posts so here’s 15 Thing’s you probably don’t know about me but wish you did .. or didn’t .. you be the judge.

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1. My Gilmore Girl’s obsession is much more than just an obsession, it is a way of life. I have watched the 7 Season Series well over 20 times start to finish and now It is the only thing that plays on the TV in our house. We don’t have cable and I’ve seen it so many times that I have the episodes memorized so everyday I search for the episodes that have the right mood for the day I am having. Bonus fact: I’ve never met a Gilmore Girl’s quiz I haven’t liked and haven’t aced… ace… get it? Sorry not sorry.

2. I always wanted to have a blog but was too embarrassed and insecure to ever do it. My fiance is the one who pushed me to do what I wanted to do and really encouraged me.

3. I live the life of an introvert when deep down I long to be an extrovert. I have big dreams of having a huge group of friends and spending all my time doing amazing things and traveling to incredible places and experiencing new experiences everyday and living life to the absolute fullest! Yet, I am only outgoing with my small group of close friends and other times I seem shy and down right antisocial. I am controlled mostly by my anxiety and OCD and although I try my hardest everyday to get closer to the life I’m dreaming of it’s very out of reach.

4. I have a serious love for Mayo. More specifically Heinz Mayo but I will take whatever I can get and put it on everything. If there was a food group for Mayo I would totally be down for that. Condiments and dips are the best part of any food.

5. I don’t like to watch new movies. Sure, after I watch a new movie reluctantly I’ll usually end up loving it but I’d much rather watch something I love and have seen over and over again. A few of my favorites: Dirty Dancing, because nobody put’s baby in a corner! S.W.A.T who doesn’t love to look at Collin Farrell? Oceans Eleven. I have seen this movie so many times that my Fiance refuses to watch it with me anymore because I recite the whole thing. The entire Fast and the Furious Saga especially 2Fast 2Furious, I can’t get enough. ‘We hongry’

2/27 at 12 a.m. ET to 2/28 at 11:59 p.m. ET

6. 90’s and early 2000’s music still has my heart. I think I am really ghetto on the inside and I am an excellent(terrible) rapper and can remember the words to songs after only hearing them a couple of times. I’m just saying I would do really well in a rap battle and once I pull out the Ja Rule, Ludacris or Busta Rhymes there’s no stopping me!

7. I love giving gifts! One of my favorite thing’s is to put a smile on someones face and whether it’s smalls gifts or big gifts- it doesn’t matter, it’s just fun to give!  A few of the best gifts I have ever received have all been sentimental. Aside from my engagement ring (because that’s clearly the winner) a few of my favorite thoughtful gifts that I’ve been given are a sub woofer for my car, a Starbucks Christmas ornament, a Gilmore Girls themed cookbook, and the Toronto Maple leaf key my fiance had made for our house.

8. I eat a bag of chips a day. Seriously.

9. My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to has been New York City! I was only there for a short 3 day’s but the experience changed me! It was crazy to be able to go to places that you have seen on TV and in your favorite movies and experience them. I really did leave my heart in NYC, or at The Shake Shack in NYC.. I need those cheese fries back in my life.


10. I once stranded myself at the Toronto International Airport because I was too afraid to board my connecting flight because of my severe fear of flying! I had to drive to stay with a friend in London,ON until I could figure out how to get home without boarding a plane.

11. I have serious Music ADD. I listen to a variety of different music and genres and it ranges from Country, 80’s Hair bands, Drake(because Drake is a genre all on his own and a definite way of life), 90’s Dance music, 90’s R&B and Rap, and so on..

12. I don’t really like sweets. I’ll take chips and french fries over just about any other food you could put in front of me. With a side of Mayo, please.

13. My favorite foods are Cabbage Rolls and Perogies. There’s nothing better than Perogies from the Polish Legion and frying them with onion and bacon! I would eat them everyday and I could. That’s the Polish and Ukrainian in me talking!

14. My first big concert was Kid Rock and Bon Jovi, and it was AMAZING!

15. My dream job would be to work for a major fashion or makeup company. I have a huge makeup and clothing obsession and post my new finds regularly on my YouTube channel and Instagram.

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XO Steph

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