2016 faves!

img_7293Happy new year Loves!

It’s been a while! The holiday’s were crazy and it feels like it flew by! 2016 has been quite the ride with ups and downs as I’m sure all of us have had. I’m not one for new years resolutions but if I was, my resolution would be to focus more on the positive and to let the negative know whose boss! So in the spirit of positivity and being the best Boss Girl I can be, here are my favorite beauty and fashion looks, moments and experiences of 2016!

Personal Favorite’s! 

A huge fav of mine would definitely have to be the start of my Youtube channel and my blog! Never in a million years would I ever have felt sure enough about myself to start a blog yet here we are! As silly as this may sound Hello Styles Blog has shown me that you’ll never really be ‘ready’ for much and you just have to be brave and dive right into your dreams and chase them until they become a reality! A dream of mine is to be comfortable and confident in who I am and I really believe with the help of my blog I am on my way there now more than ever!

If you have read any of my blogs before you will know that I suffer from a pretty severe anxiety and OCD disorder. Another big triumph for myself personally in 2016 would have to be getting the help I need, trying my best to stay positive through the really hard days as they can be discouraging, and being as vocal as I possibly can about mental illness. More and more people each year come forth about their struggle with mental illness and tell their story about how they felt the need to hide their struggles and keep quiet due to the astigmatism that is all too real for sufferers of this invisible illness. The older I get the more severe I find my anxiety to be and I have become extremely passionate about being a voice for people that suffer and are too afraid to come forward to get the help and support they need because of the fear of seeming weak or having people see them differently. I have said this before and I will say it again LOUDLY and over and over again. Mental illness is not a choice just the same way a cold/flu is not a choice. No matter how many times someone tells you to just “get over it” or says “you know it’s just a cold” your stuffy nose, sore throat and watery eyes will not go away. The exact same goes for mental illness. Being told to just “get over it” or “you know it’s just your anxiety” will not make your fears and panic attack symptoms go away. A mental illness no matter how invisible it may seem is just the same as a broken leg and should be treated as such.

…whoa Stephanie rein it in …

Moving on.

Friend’s Family and Love! 

Over the past year I have lost some friends and gained some friends and I feel like it’s all been for the best. Some people are only meant to be in your life for a short while and it is to teach you a lesson and to move on, I truly believe that is true.Letting go of the people in your life that are bringing you anything less than love and positivity is a true blessing in disguise and there is no shame is cutting a cord that you know in your heart is not bettering you or allowing you to grow as a person. The people that I have in my life now are the most amazing, caring and wonderful people that I have ever met.I have made some new friends that have truly been a blessing in a number of ways and have allowed me to fall more into who I really want to be as a person and I am grateful for that! The ending of 2016 and the beginning of this year also marks the 1 year until I get to marry my best friend. Next New Years Eve 2018 I will officially become a Mrs. and I cannot wait!

Experience’s that warm your heart

2016 Valentines Day had me living out my Disney dreams in my very own living room. Lady and the Tamp – spaghetti included! Is this guy unreal or what?!

Christmas 2016 was the best Christmas season I have had in a long time. The night before Christmas Eve my fiance and I saw a post online about a father that was having a hard time and was unable to give his kids the Christmas they deserved. He was reaching out asking for anyone’s help with even the smallest extra gift they had to be able to give his kids a gift from Santa. In the spirit of Christmas we jumped up and rushed to the nearest toy store to find anything we could for these kids! It was extremely fun playing elves and knowing you would be making a small difference in a fathers life and someones Christmas better! The saying giving is better than receiving really is true! We met him later on that evening with a couple bags of toys and how truly grateful he was for the gesture of kindness warmed my heart. Hugs all around! Christmas for myself wasn’t half bad either. A sentimental gift is always better than an extravagant fancy one and my fiance and friends really hit the nail directly on the head this year and had me sobbing to the backstreet boys all morning. No really, my favorite movie from my childhood was the Backstreet Boys homecoming concert in Orlando in the early 90s and my VHS tape was so worn out it wasn’t playable anymore. My fiance knowing this searched all corners of the internet and found me one. It was the best gift I’ve opened in years! Kleenex all around! Along with some other really thoughtful gifts and a ton of Gilmore Girls memorabilia including the best coffee cup I’ve ever laid my eyes on, I also received a ton of makeup for my inner makeup freak self. Speaking of…

2016 was also the year of me falling into myself. Being true to who I am and what I am passionate about and cutting out all negativity that comes my way. In finding myself I have found that I have a true obsession for fashion and beauty that I have never opened my eyes to before!

Fav Beauty and Fashion looks of 2016!

I am definitely a big fashionista and love playing dress-up! When a woman says she has nothing to wear what she really means is I have nothing to wear for who I am today. Makeup and Fashion give you the opportunity to be whoever you want whenever you want and I absolutely love that idea!

Wishing you all a Healthy, Happy and Fabulous 2017! 




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