Morphe Brushes 35O Pallet Review

Hello Babes!

Well I finally did it and ordered my first ever Morphe Brushes product and let me tell you they did not disappoint! Yesterday I picked up the Morphe 35O pallet and it feels like all my makeup pallet dreams have come true. This pallet is everything and more! Now before ordering this I did do my research and it was a whole lotta mixed signals, some people loved it and some people really hated it- and I definitely fall under the LOVED it category. It is BY FAR the best bang for buck pallet I have ever laid my brownish colored eyes on and it has been love at first swatch. These colors are so pigmented it blew my mind. I did a youtube unboxing/review of this pallet and you can find it HERE Please Subscribe to my channel!! 🙂

To order this pallet I used the Jaclyn Hill promo discount code “JACATTACK” it saves you 10% on your order and she is absolutely amazing.

I would definitely recommend this product to every single person I know and will be ordering more Morphe Brushes products!!

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