Hello, food for thought.

Some food for thought with your afternoon coffee? Why not!

The last couple of months I have spent a lot of time sitting in doctors offices. Why you may ask? Is not the point. Sitting in those waiting rooms made me realize that you never really know what’s going on in another persons life medically related or not. For the most part everyone on the outside seems to be fine but here’s the thing, many of the issues people face are invisible to the eye, we can’t see them. You can’t see a broken heart, or financial problems. You can’t always see medical illness. You can’t see if someone just lost their house or are struggling with a relationship or a friendship. Ignorance is bliss right? Well what if it’s not. We as a society are so worried about all the material things in life or getting ahead in life that we aren’t living how we should be. The phrase “pay it forward” comes to mind and I don’t mean with just material or monetary things. Being more aware that you aren’t exactly aware of what a stranger or even someone close to you may be struggling with is the first step. Being more aware of yourself is also a step in the right direction. At the end of the day all that matters in this life is love, the people you share your life with and being kind to one another. You could be a billionaire with all the fancy things in life, be living large one day and the next day lose it all. You could be living an average happy life and the next day be diagnosed with a terminal illness. My point is, how you treat the people in your life or even the person bagging your groceries is far more important than what you had in life. Being aware and being kind is the best thing you could possible do for yourself and others. Giving a stranger a compliment may make their day much better than you realize or buying that persons coffee in the drive thru behind you may help them more than you realize, or it may even make then stop and think to do the same. Us as a society and most importantly human beings are the only ones that are going to change the way we view people, the way we treat people. When you go to sleep at night would you rather be cuddling with your raise or your loved one? Things in life can be taken so fast, LIFE can be taken so fast. It’s important to make the best out of yours, and others as much as you can.

Just some food for thought.

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