Hello, Fall Baking!

Baking is a love of mine however, I usually cheat and go for the pre-made frozen just pop em’ in the oven type but not this time!    I somehow found the inspiration to make Caramel Apples – a personal favourite! Usually I wait until some kind of fair comes in town to get my hands on these yummy treats but I figured why wait when I can make them myself!

All you need are Apples( of course right?! ) Granny Smiths are the best!

Caramel squares! (Any kind will work)

2 tbsp of milk and any extra treats you’d like to top them with! (I went with cheesecake flavoured candy melts and Reese’s pieces)

Wash your Apples to get all the wax off of them(if you leave too much wax the caramel will have a harder time sticking to your apples) Put your caramel in the microwave stirring while melting and adding the milk. For best results twirl your apple while dipping it in the melted caramel to get the best coverage. Place in the fridge to set the caramel and there you go! So much simpler than i ever thought. I will definitely be making more of these!

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