Hello, Coffee!

Everybody who knows me knows i have an strong love for Starbucks. It wouldn’t be wrong to go as far as saying I’m obsessed! Amongst my friends I am definitely known as the “basic white girl” and I have no shame in that! I love fall way more than the average person (I saw a leaf on the ground yesterday and almost died of happiness) and uggs with leggings and a cute plaid scarf are definitely a must! I can’t be more than a couple miles from a coffee place because I drink coffee about 4 times a day but mostly  I love Starbucks!

Its more than just the coffee and omg don’t even get me started on those fudge oatmeal bars but It’s the lifestyle. It’s going to a place everyday where the people are amazing and know you by name, its sitting in a quiet comfy atmosphere and enjoying your coffee and feeling happy, it’s making friends via something you both love! As cheesy as it sounds it brings people together! At my local Starbucks I love the baristas! They are all such warm, friendly and inviting people and a few of them I would now call friends. It has become a routine that I love so so much. So if that makes me a basic white girl, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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