Birthday Bash

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my 25th birthday. Now while I’m not super excited that my twenty’s are passing by quicker than I ever could have ever imagined, I am thrilled to be feeling more confident in myself than I have ever been before. Turning twenty-five in a way made me feel better about myself. A few weeks before my birthday I had the worst break down I’ve ever experienced. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from anxiety and depression and but recently I was diagnosed with OCD. For some a diagnosis verifying that they are aren’t ‘normal’ could be horrifying but for me it was a relief. It was telling me that I have an answer to how I’ve been feeling, that I wasn’t crazy, and that everything was going to be okay which gave me all the confidence in the world to be myself. After that, I started to realize that the majority of people have some kind of mental illness. Either they keep it to themselves or they aren’t even aware – and it got me thinking  “what is normal?” To me, normal doesn’t exist. We are all just getting through life whichever way makes us happy and following our dreams. My dreams are simple. I want to be happy. Now, obviousllyyyyyyy theres other things in this world I want.. but everyone seems to get caught up in their ‘dreams’ and forgets to make happiness one of them and its important that happiness be my #1

I am happy to say that recently I have been fulfilling that dream with the help of an amazing fiance, a great job and the best friends anyone could ask for. These are extraordinary people and without them I could not stand.


Now onto some less serious topics and more fun! I celebrated my birthday the best way I know how, with amazing friends, old school 90’s and 2000’s hip-hop (all the Ja Rule my heart needed) and some unreal outfits!

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